Inaugural Lectures

The Lincoln Institute for Advanced Studies hosts the Inaugural Lecture series throughout the academic year in celebration of our newly appointed Professors. The lectures are free to attend, and are open to all University of Lincoln staff, students and the general public.

Coming up in the LIAS Inaugural Lecture Series

Throughout his career, Simon has been interested in the ways in which we use representational artefacts such as budgets, plans, strategies, models and policies, to bring the ‘there and then’ into the ‘here and now’ to better orchestrate and enhance our collective performance. Simon will look back on this work to draw out the costs and benefits of working within such a representational economy, paying particular attention to the key role of academic freedom as a vital check and balance on the processes described

Details will be made available as soon as they are confirmed.



The date, venue and ticket information for Professor Jamie Wood’s upcoming inaugural lecture will be confirmed soon.

Details will be made available as soon as they are confirmed.



Past Lectures in the the LIAS Inaugural Lecture Series

We are still preparing the recording of Professor Karen Harrison’s Inaugural Lecture. In the meantime, you can view the Panopto Live Stream recording via the link here.

Professorial Inaugural Lecture Series 2018/19

Mark Macklin

The Rivers of Humankind

10th July 2019

Steve Armstrong

Re-thinking Management Education: From cognition, to action, to learning

8th May 2019

Jonathan Whitehead

FAT in the 21st Century – Too much of a good thing

10th April 2019

Marc Hanheide

Robots in the Wild – Myths and Progress in Human-Centred Robot Autonomy

13th March 2019

Simon Pearson

The Future of British Agriculture

13th February 2019

Edward Hanna

Climate Change and Extreme Weather from the UK to Greenland: Some thoughts and surprises

24th January 2019

Carenza Lewis

Publicly Engaged Research in Action: Two millennia of discovery through archaeology with and within contemporary communities

22nd November 2018

Ananda Breed

Kubabarira (Shared Suffering), Justice and Grassroots Performance Associations in Rwanda

17th October 2018

Antonella De Angeli

interAction: Design of Information and Communication Technology for Civic Engagement

4th July 2018

Stefanos Kollias

Deep Learning and Modelling for Detection of Subtle Events in Signals and Data

13th June 2018

Libby John

The Root of the Matter: Plants & the Planet

16th May 2018

Philippa Hoskin

Outlaws, Outsiders & the Outspoken: Recognising Voices in Medieval Records

25th April 2018

Toby Wilkinson

Voices from the Past: Ancient Egyptians in their Own Words

22nd November 2018